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Stand with the Grand Staircase

Stand with the Grand Staircase
Photo credit: Dan Smith

The Grand Staircase belongs to all Americans and is enjoyed by millions of visitors from all over the country and the world! Resolutions to reduce the size of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument have now been approved by the Utah State Legislature and Kane County Commissioners. While these are not legally binding, it is more important than ever to show our support for leaving Grand Staircase as it was designated more than 20 years ago.

Escape Adventures has been guiding tours in and around the Grand Staircase National Monument for over 20 years! It was the first national monument to be managed by the BLM and also the first area to be designated as part of the National Conservation Lands. It is the largest protected area managed solely by the BLM, comprised of 1.88 million acres in southern Utah – slightly larger than the state of Delaware. Its size, resources, and remote character provide rich opportunities for geologists, archaeologists, historians, and biologists in scientific research, education, and exploration. If we don't stand up, say no and protect this precious resource we will lose it forever! Please help us protect this sacred space and ensure years of peaceful, healthy recreation for generations to come.

What You Can Do Today:

PLEASE write a "letter to the editor" and send it as far and wide as you can. Tell the story you feel is not being heard right now.

  • Encourage your friends outside of Utah to do the same. Information about sending letters to Utah papers can be found here.

Spread the word on social media! Why do you #standwithgrandstaircase? Ryan Zinke is likely to be nominated as the Secretary of the Interior and he has been invited to come to the communities around the monument and meet with local community leaders and advocates to dispel the myth that the people who live around Grand Staircase don't support it. You can contact him on social media @RyanZinke and encourage to see for himself the full story of this special place.

  • You can also send postcards and letters to Ryan Zinke at 1419 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515

Don't live in Utah? Contact your representatives and tell them you Stand with the Grand Staircase! To find out who your representatives are visit http://www.usa.gov/elected-officials.

  • Grand Staircase Escalante Partners is the official friends group to the Monument. If you're not a member of Partners, join! Encourage those you know who love the Grand Staircase to become a member. http://gsenm.org/about/support_us/ A large constituency will help us demonstrate the deep and abiding love for the Monument.

Use a beautiful image of Grand Staircase as your social media profile and tell your friends what you love about it.

You can participate in Grand Staircase Escalante Partners Our Monument Campaign, which will be used on social media and sent to policy makers and elected officials:

  • To participate, send your favorite photo(s) of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument to OurMonument@gsenm.org along with a brief reflection on this photo:
    • Why did you want to share this photo? What's the real story this photo tells? How does this relate to your life? Either send in an audio recording of your reflection, or let us know that we can record your story on your behalf.

You can find facts about Grand Staircase here but remember this is your story!

Mission Statement: Grand Staircase Escalante Partners is committed to preserving and protecting the vast landscape of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

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