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Dan Finnie



Dan Finnie - Former Tour Leader

Where are you now?: Portland, ME
Whatcha doing?   I’m a league coordinator for Casco Bay Sports (owned by Patrick Hackleman, another former Escape employee).

ride-danAre you still riding?  YES!  Not as much as I would like or used to but still love to ride!
If you’re not riding – I’m in a wheelchair.

Rides:  Gary Fisher Rig single speed 29er, Lemond Alp D’Huez road bike (Kona Lava dome ss townie).
Tires:  Panaracer Rampage 29ers

I love…playing all of the sports we provide for our customers and riding bikes!
I hate…being injured and inactive.
I want…a new full suspension 29er.
I need…not much!

Favorite Escape Tour:  Tough one…New Mexico single track, BZ, Colorado 10th Mountain Hut tour.
Favorite Trail:  Even tougher!  South Boundary (NM), Thunder Mountain (BZ)  Burro to town (Moab), Blow Hard (Brian Head), the Gooser (NM), Gold Bar/Portal (Moab)
The other guides always said I was:  Fat, good at suffering, smelly
Favorite Grub Box Item:  Paydays and sour worms
Always carry… spare parts/duct tape/sandwiches

What I miss most about being an Escape Tour guide: 1. the other guides 2. great customers 3. the trails 4. the views
Best Escape Memory: So many…waking up on Gooseberry Mesa, waking up in castle valley on a tour with Nikki with hailstones bouncing off our foreheads, throwing shit at Gove!
Words of Wisdom:  Do it all as long as you can!

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