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Solar Power


Escape Adventures has committed solar cells to run its Moab based operations and bicycle shop as well as its Las Vegas based bike tour warehouse. This means that every e-mail, light, power tool usage, hot shower, and just about any other energy use, comes from the sun. Not a pound of carbon dioxide is released into the air as a result.

How does solar power work?

Using solar power to produce electricity is not the same as using solar to produce heat. Solar thermal principles are applied to produce hot fluids or air. Photovoltaic principles are used to produce electricity. A solar panel (PV panel) is made of the natural element, silicon, which becomes charged electrically when subjected to sun light.

Solar panels are directed at solar south in the northern hemisphere and solar north in the southern hemisphere at an angle dictated by the geographic location and latitude of where they are to be installed.

This electrical charge is consolidated in the PV panel and directed to the output terminals to produce low voltage (Direct Current) - usually 6 to 24 volts. The intensity of the Sun's radiation changes with the hour of the day, time of the year and weather conditions. To be able to make calculations in planning a system, the total amount of solar radiation energy is expressed in hours of full sunlight per m², or Peak Sun Hours. This term, Peak Sun Hours, represents the average amount of sun available per day throughout the year.

moab-cyclerySo if Moab, UT gets 4-6 peak sun hours per day then the solar panel can produce an average 350 watt hours of power per day; 60w times 5 hrs. = 350 watt-hours. Those who choose use solar power often need to make adjustments to when and how they use electricity, so they can live within the limitations of the system's design.

This doesn't necessarily imply doing without, but rather is a shift to a more conscientious use of electricity. We're excited about our efforts in Moab and Las Vegas and hope that our new solar panels interest visitors and locals alike.

Sources: Solar4Power.com

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Specializing in western North America, Escape Adventures is a leader in first-class eco-friendly cycling and multi-sport adventure. In 2006, we became the world's first carbon neutral outfitter, bringing sustainable adventure to all the places we visit, from Alaska to Belize and beyond. By simply joining a tour with us, outdoor enthusiasts are now helping to preserve the beautiful backcountry areas they enjoy.

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