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Which Trip is Right For Me?

Which Tour is Right For Me?

At Escape Adventures we really love what we do. For us, the adventure begins with a favorite trail system, mountain, or national park, and a dream committed to many hours of research and development. Then, because true joy in adventure is sharing it, we reach beyond the masses to the very specific, very unique market who we know will be up to the adventure. But with so many choices, how do you decide which tour is right for you?

Choosing the Right Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain Biking is something we love to share. It provides an opportunity to see the back country in a unique and exciting way and lets you experience a connection with nature. Our tours are designed to accommodate many different riders at various skill levels.

home_mtb_pic2Three easy steps to picking a mountain bike trip:

  1. Determine when you can travel. Our trips are scheduled when the weather is the most favorable in that area, so your availability can help to narrow down the choices.
  2. Pick a few trips that interest you within this timeframe. Read each trip description to get a feel for what each trip has to offer.
  3. Finally, call us for availability and specific questions. Our staff and guides are available to help. You can request an itinerary or speak with a tour guide for more details on your trips of interest. If you are traveling with friends, we can suggest a trip that suits everyone.

On our tour schedule page you may notice that the mountain bike tours are also rated 1 through 10. Please see the fitness and technical scales on our trip ratings page and look for the graphics on our itineraries and trip pages.


Choosing the Right Road Cycling Trip

Are you interested in mountains and coastlines, culture or solitude? The first step in picking a road cycling tour is choosing your ideal destination. You can be assured that we have chosen the best riding on the most scenic roads in the country.

home_rc_pic2Our road tours are rated by the mileage and overall fitness level needed to complete the rides. The rating is based on an average of each day's climbs, elevation bases, and ride lengths. For example, one trip with longer rides followed by a rest day may be rated the same as a trip with shorter daily rides and no rest days. We understand that mileage is a concern, so if you enjoy an easier pace and prefer scenery to speed, a trip with less than 250 miles is a great choice. If you enjoy a good century every now and then, look forward to the climbs, and love a good workout, then a trip with more than 250 miles is your best choice.

You may notice that some tours list a range of miles (ie. 200-250). On these trips we offer optional rides that can increase the overall distance of the trip. Regardless of mileage and hills, each tour is supported by our professional and attentive guides riding with the group and driving the support vehicle.

We are happy to answer your questions and help you select a trip based on your experience and interests.


Choosing the Right Hiking Tour

whichtrip_hikeWe have been outfitting the West for nearly two decades, and we're excited to show you what we've found. There's no better way to appreciate the beauty and solitude of nature than by foot. Most of our tours are designed to accommodate all levels, but we do offer a select few that are more difficult based on the distances and elevation changes. Hiking tours are rated on three levels:

  • Easy: Gentle terrain at a leisurely pace.
  • Moderate: Longer hikes with mild scrambling.
  • Strenuous: Extensive mileage at an athletic pace.

Call us to request a daily itinerary with more details or to speak to a guide.


Choosing the Right Multi-Sport Tour

home_ms_pic2Our multi-sport tours offer a variety of exciting activities such as rafting, biking, kayaking, hiking and rock climbing. Multi-sport touring is great for people who like to sample a bit of everything an area has to offer. Just about anyone who has a taste for the outdoors and is inclined to try different activities will enjoy our trips. Specially trained and experienced tour leaders will ensure a great time for guests of all ability levels. Each Escape multi-sport trip is slightly different than the next, perfectly tuned into what each destination has to offer. Whether you choose a hike and bike tour with a bit of rock climbing, or a trip with canyoneering and rafting, we're sure you'll love it.

Just ask yourself where you would like to go and what type of activities interest you.

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About Escape

Specializing in western North America, Escape Adventures is a leader in first-class eco-friendly cycling and multi-sport adventure. In 2006, we became the world's first carbon neutral outfitter, bringing sustainable adventure to all the places we visit, from Alaska to Belize and beyond. By simply joining a tour with us, outdoor enthusiasts are now helping to preserve the beautiful backcountry areas they enjoy.

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