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What Can You Do?

1. If you're looking for an adventure tour operator, choose Escape Adventures!

Beginning this year, every one of our mountain biking, hiking, road cycling, and multi-sport trips will be completely carbon neutral. By choosing Escape Adventures to outfit your next adventure, you can witness first hand how simple being environmentally responsible can be and support our efforts in the fight against global warming. So go ahead, pick a destination, making a difference has never been more fun.

2. Offset your pre and post trip travel with green tags.
myclimateWe have teamed up with Sustainable Travel International (STI) to create a custom carbon emissions calculator for our guests. When you click on our MyClimate link, you will be able to calculate just your air travel to the start of our trip OR a complete calculator where you can calculate the emissions you generate on a daily basis. Once you have calculated your personal carbon footprint you will have the opportunity to purchase green tags. Sustainable Travel International then invests in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, affording you an opportunity to compensate for 100% of the impact your air travel has on climate change. So on the one hand, you produce, and on the other, you reduce.

3. Join our Virtual March against Global Warming.
Visit our partner page on StopGlobalWarming.org and sign up to join us in our fight.

4. Vote for Leaders.
Our political system is renewable - and you have the power to vote for leaders who bring the environment to the front line. After all, the only thing we have to lose is earth, right?

5. Make a commitment in your daily life.
There are many, many ways you can make a difference on a daily basis. Check out this list put together by our partners at StopGlobalWarming.org

  • Ride bikes! Not only will you be reducing carbon emissions into the air, you will become a good example to others of the health, environmental, and economical benefits of riding a bicycle.
  • Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs -Replace 3 frequently used light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Save 300 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $60 per year. And don't forget to check out rebates from your local Power Company. Often they have incentive programs to buy these light bulbs with up to 50% off the bulbs at the point of purchase!
  • Inflate Your Tires - Keep the tires on your car adequately inflated. Check them monthly. Save 250 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $840 per year.
  • Change Your Air Filter - Check your car's air filter monthly. Save 800 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $130 per year.
  • Fill the Dishwasher - Run your dishwasher only with a full load. Save 100 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $40 per year.
  • Use Recycled Paper - Make sure your printer paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper. Save 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream of paper.
  • Adjust Your Thermostat - First of all, you should purchase an electronic thermostat. You can buy them for about $40.00 and then you can program it and never worry about the temperature again! Just turn your heater thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in the summer. Save 2000 lbs of carbon dioxide and $98 per year!
  • Check Your Water heater - Keep your water heater thermostat no higher than 120°F. Save 550 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $30 per year.
  • Take Shorter Showers - Showers account for 2/3 of all water heating costs. Save 350 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $99 per year.
  • Install a Low-Flow Showerhead - Using less water in the shower means less energy to heat the water. Save 350 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $150.
  • Buy Products Locally - Buy locally and reduce the amount of energy required to drive your products to your store. Try a farmers market if you have one.
  • Buy Energy Certificates - Help spur the renewable energy market and cut global warming pollution by buying wind certificates and green tags.
  • Buy Minimally Packaged Goods - Less packaging could reduce your garbage by about 10%. Save 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide and $1,000 per year.
  • Buy a Fuel Efficient Car - Getting a few extra miles per gallon makes a big difference. Save thousands of lbs. of CO2 and a lot of money per year. If you can afford a new car, you should consider a hybrid or even a new diesel car. Volkswagon makes a new diesel that gets 60 miles a gallon and is as quiet as a gas engine! And don't be fooled by diesel exhaust emissions - bio-diesel and plant oil based fuels are not only renewable right here in the United States, but actually run cleaner than gas fuel by up to 75%!
  • Carpool When You Can - Own a big vehicle? Carpooling with friends and co-workers saves fuel. Save 790 lbs. of carbon dioxide and hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Reduce Garbage - Buy products with less packaging and recycle paper, plastic and glass. Save 1,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.
  • Plant a Tree - Trees suck up carbon dioxide and make clean air for us to breath. Save 2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.
  • Use a Push Mower - Use your muscles instead of fossil fuels and get some exercise. Besides, you will have more energy to hop over logs or lift your bike up to the top of the van! Save 80 lbs of carbon dioxide and x $ per year.
  • Buy Solar Panels for Your Home - Even though this is an expensive investment, it has major benefits. First, you create your own energy and will never have another power bill (granted you stay in the same house). Second, there are federal tax credits as well as state tax credits. You can usually write more than half of the system off in less than ten years and some programs actually pay for up to half of the cost. The other half of the costs will pay for themselves with the savings of not having a power bill. Third, you increase the value of your house. And lastly, people will see your example - including your children. You will be a leader in the fight to save our planet!
  • Unplug Un-Used Electronics - Even when electronic devices are turned off, they use energy. Save over 1,000 lbs of carbon dioxide and $256 per year.
  • Put on a Sweater - Instead of turning up the heat in your home, wear more clothes Save 1,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $250 per year.
  • Insulate Your Home - Make sure your walls and ceilings are insulated. Save 2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $245 per year.
  • Air Dry Your Clothes - Line-dry your clothes in the spring and summer instead of using the dryer. Save 700 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $75 per year.
  • Buy Organic Food - The chemicals used in modern agriculture pollute the water supply, and require energy to produce. And when you join our tour, we'll make sure we show just how delicious organic food tastes!
  • Bring Cloth Bags to the Market - Using your own cloth bag instead of plastic or paper bags reduces waste and requires no additional energy. It also creates conversation at the cash register in which you can tell the cashier about your new role in saving the environment!

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Specializing in western North America, Escape Adventures is a leader in first-class eco-friendly cycling and multi-sport adventure. In 2006, we became the world's first carbon neutral outfitter, bringing sustainable adventure to all the places we visit, from Alaska to Belize and beyond. By simply joining a tour with us, outdoor enthusiasts are now helping to preserve the beautiful backcountry areas they enjoy.

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