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Happy guests on a White Rim Mountain Bike Tour with Escape Adventures

“I can’t say enough positive things about this trip. Great guides, new friends and amazing vistas. This trip was not always easy. The White Rim is not flat. There are steep downhills and equally steep ups. The road can be uneven, rocky or sandy but it is worth it. Not only did we bike but we climbed through a slot canyon and visited geologic wonders.

Our guides Tim & Eric gave us advice on biking technique, fed us well and hauled our gear around the rim as we biked. Despite the rain, sleet and wind (yes, we had it all), they kept a positive attitude at all times. Escape Adventures will be me first choice for future adventures.”
– Deb

“This was the best multi-day bike tour I’ve ever taken. It was my first experience with off road bike touring but it definitely won’t be my last. The trip spanned 4 days riding 100 miles on the White Rim trail in Canyonlands N.P. The scenery was stunning. The riding was challenging but very rewarding. The guides (Tim and Eric) gave us just the right amount of support and made sure we saw all of the interesting bits on, and off, of the trail.

They also took care of all of the logistics details leaving us free to ride and enjoy the experience each day. The meals they prepared were outstanding – all the more so given the beautiful sites we camped at each night. I can’t praise this trip again. If you are thinking about doing an off road bike tour or would like to give one a try this is the one you should book.”
– John C.

Escape Adventures Bike Tour Camp

Grand Tetons Bike Tours | Escape Adventures

“Escape Adventures more than met our hopes and expectations. Definitely a five star operation! We had a phenomenal week enjoying the outdoors, biking to our heart’s content, and hanging out with our family, team members, and guides. So much fun! Merrick and Will were very attentive, making sure that we got enough to eat, knew where the bathrooms were at every stop, had water and snacks for the next ride, fixed any flat tires, saw the major sites in Yellowstone, and got enough exercise each day. The guides let us ride ahead or do additional rides whenever it was safe and appropriate. The guides were fabulous cooks and amazing athletes, not to mention their wonderful sense of humor. We are very grateful for our 6-day trip and will gladly recommend Escape Adventures to friends and family who like to bike. Thank you!!!”
– Jennifer Morris

5 star rating
6/03/2021 - TripAdvisor

White Rim Mountain Bike Tour We spent 4 days/3 nights on this mountain bike tour of the White Rim trail. The trip was fantastic, and the guiding seamless. We had 2 guides - Will B. and James. They were energetic, supportive, and professional throughout. We were continually surprised by the delicious, whole food meals they prepared from scratch. We have nothing but positive things to say about this trip!

5 star rating
6/02/2021 - TripAdvisor

Red Rock Hike This is a great way to take a break from the Strip. Our guide, Stephen, did a great job. Water was provided and the hike was easy to medium level.

5 star rating
5/25/2021 - TripAdvisor

Red Rock Hiking with Irving This experience was great starting with the booking. We were able to book the day before very easily and the communication was top notch. We had an amazing experience hiking Red Rock Canyon from the time we were picked up to the time we were dropped off. Irving was very knowledgeable, engaging, and just a pleasure to spend the morning with. The trail and the views did not disappoint! We were very happy with our experience and would definitely book again in the future!

5 star rating
5/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

Best of Moab mountain biking Three day biking adventure with Will and Tanner as our guides. Well worth the cost, food was great and they modified the trip based on our fitness level and biking experience. Great trip, thanks.

John S.
5 star rating
5/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

Escape Adventures - LOVE this trip. (Best of MOAB) We took the “Best of Moab” mountain bike tour (Weekend , 3 day bike). Outstanding. Our leaders, Will and Tanner were awesome. They realize early that our abilities were not up for some of the planned trails and easily changed our agenda to make the trip more enjoyable. They were helpful with suggestions on how to be better bikers. The food was awesome. I have been on more expensive trips with guided tours and these guys were every bit as good. I will be back soon. Escape Adventures proved very worthy. If you are completely inexperienced, then take a private tour so they can tailor a trip for you. If you happen to be much more experienced they will find trails that are more challenging. Amazing value for the money.

5 star rating
5/23/2021 - TripAdvisor

Moab Mountain Biking Fantastic weekend on the trails in Moab. Will and Tanner were super friendly and able to pick out great runs that were perfect for what we were looking for. Highly recommend!

5 star rating
5/21/2021 - TripAdvisor

Canyonlands "Maze" Wilderness Adventure Mountain Biking Maze District of Canyonlands National Park

Just completed a 5 day mountain bike/hike around and into "The Maze".
This was a fabulous trip, mid May, with challenges of wind, water and sand, pretty standard for the wild west.

We just loved the guides (Troy, Will B and Tanner) their support, their cooking and expertise. Received lots of attention and encouragement . Friendly group.

The food was better than imagined, all fresh, with lots of fruits and veges, tasty meals, with attention to traveller's needs and detail. Plenty of it. Really delicious!

The peace of being completely alone was unbelievable. And the scenery, in every direction, was to behold.
This trip was a beautiful, challenging, rare opportunity to experience a part of the world that few people ever see.

5 star rating
5/20/2021 - TripAdvisor

More to Vegas than gambling Great fun and hike. Irving was a very knowledgeable guide. The scenery was gorgeous. I would recommended this tour for anyone wanting to escape the busyness of Vegas.

5 star rating
5/17/2021 - TripAdvisor

Mountain Biking Maze District of Canyonland National Park Very unique experience! The maze area of canyon land is very remote and hard to get to. It is the least visited area of canyonlands national park for this reason, yet it holds some of the most one of a kind views, formations and experiences. Escape adventures, specifically guides Will B. and Carson, provided great guide and support services for this adventure. Everyday was amazing and physically challenging. Will and Carson made sure we had plenty of water and food to keep us going. The food was way better than what you would expect for primative camp sites. The camp sites themselves left you staring out into the park in amazement. The landscape was the star of the show. It was always changing. I woke up excited every morning to see the Sun rise and show the canyons in a new light. Great group of people on this trip. So many laughs and memories I have not stoped talking about this experience. I highly recommend this adventure and Escape Adventures.

5 star rating
5/16/2021 - TripAdvisor

The Maze Just completed the Escape Adventures The Maze mountain bike adventure in Canyonland’s Maze District. What a fantastic trip in a spectacular landscape! Lunch at the Harvest Scene was my trip highlight. Our guides, Carson Oliver and Will B., were awesome! We had some cool group chemistry and the food was so good. Carson and Will created such a relaxed trip environment. Well done!!

5 star rating
5/15/2021 - TripAdvisor

Mountain biking in the Maze Just got back from an incredible experience with Escape Adventures riding the Maze in Canyonlands National Park. I can’t praise the guides enough for their attention to eveyone’s enjoyment and also the awesome food. THe trip was incredible due to the beauty of the location and the guidance and laughs from the tour leaders.

5 star rating
5/14/2021 - TripAdvisor

White Rim 4 day 3 night Rode the White Rim (4 day, 3 night) with Merick and Kelsey. We had amazing guides that left us wanting for nothing. Merick suggested awesome side tours like small hikes and an amazing slot canyon tour. All food prepared was perfect! This is the way to tour the White Rim. Why would you try to do it on your own when Escape Adventures has it dialed in already? Ask for Merick (sp?) and Kelsey. They are the best!!

5 star rating
5/13/2021 - TripAdvisor

Best way to experience The Maze District / Arches National Park 5 days mountain biking and hiking through the rugged and remote Maze District of Arches National Park. I couldn’t have imagined how impactful this trip would be. May 5-13 gave us perfect conditions.
The support crew (Will B. And Carson) were phenomenal. Personable, professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, entertaining and damn hard working.
Don’t sign up for this trip hoping to lose weight, Both the guides are culinary camp cuisine wizards, the food was amazing, super healthy and plentiful!
Don’t sign up unless you’re seeking a truly rugged and challenging adventure.
Do sign up if you’re looking for life long memories, becoming a better human and pushing your physical limits.
Can’t say enough about this tour. Be epic.
Just go.

5 star rating
5/07/2021 - TripAdvisor

Awesome White Rim 4 Day Tour Had an amazing experience with escape adventures. We did the White Rim tour with Will and Kelsey and they were both amazing hosts. The food was spectacular and we never went hungry! We had a full 3 meals a day and didn't have to worry about anything but biking! The views were amazing and the route was well planned. We got very with our weather and it was perfect the whole trip.

Remember to bring a swimsuit! The last night the campsite is on the river and you have the option to go for a swim!

5 star rating
5/03/2021 - TripAdvisor

Maze Mtn Bike tour I did the 4 night/5 day tour of the Maze with guides Troy and Will, and it was spectacular. Such amazing scenery and fun riding/hiking in one of the most remote areas I've ever been to - this is for sure the best way to explore Canyonlands! Troy and Will were fantastic guides (and chefs), providing amazing fresh food throughout the whole trip and giving us lots of great tips and tricks for mountain biking, since it was very new to most of us. The bikes themselves were top-notch, the itinerary was well-planned out and had some of the best campsites I've ever been to, and the whole experience made for the perfect week off. Highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring Canyonlands - there is something for everyone on this trip... In addition to the hiking/biking, there's a chance to swim in the Colorado river, see ancient pictographs and a granary, and check out some of the best stars anywhere in the country. Thanks for a great trip, would definitely look for more Escape Adventures trips!

5 star rating
4/27/2021 - TripAdvisor

Amazing Hospitality by Both Guides I celebrated my 42nd birthday on the White Rim Trail Mountain Biking Tour. The trip was amazing in every way. Our guides, Will and Carson were so hospitable in every way. They were knowledgeable about Canyonlands National Park and passionate about their work. I don’t have enough good things to say about Escape Adventures and the White Rim Tour! Thank you Will and Carson!

Louis G.
5 star rating
4/26/2021 - TripAdvisor

White Rim Mountain Biking Did the White Rim guided tour with Escape Adventures last week. It was an epic adventure and our guides (Will and Carson) did an outstanding job of making sure the 6 of us (all different levels of skill) were safe, had fun and ate delicious food. Equipment was state of the art & the drop seats really spoiled us. Thanks for a great trip and looking forward to next time.

5 star rating
4/18/2021 - TripAdvisor

Beginner Mountain Bike adventure Christian was our guide for our beginner ride near Red Rock. He was charismatic and ready with lots of information about the area. He listened to our needs concerning our riding level, distance, and pace. We will definitely book a trip again and are so excited to see the city coming back following a very tough year for the tourism industry.

Kelly N.
5 star rating
4/15/2021 - TripAdvisor

Mountain Biking along The White Rim! This trip was amazing! We took 4 days to bike and camp along The White Rim and it blew us away. The scenery was out of this world beautiful. Our guides, Troy and Kelsey, were so accommodating, helpful, knowledgeable, fun, kind, and best of all, were amazing chefs! They made us the most delicious meals; we didn't even feel like we were camping! We highly recommend this trip and any trip with Escape Adventures!

Chris H. Avatar
Chris H.
4/12/2021 - Google

We had a great time with them in Moab last week. We took our 3 kids--the food was excellent, the itinerary was great, and the mountain biking was outstanding. Thank you Merrick and Carter (our guides) for making it such a memorable week. We look forward to seeing you again next year!