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Happy guests on a White Rim Mountain Bike Tour with Escape Adventures

“I can’t say enough positive things about this trip. Great guides, new friends and amazing vistas. This trip was not always easy. The White Rim is not flat. There are steep downhills and equally steep ups. The road can be uneven, rocky or sandy but it is worth it. Not only did we bike but we climbed through a slot canyon and visited geologic wonders.

Our guides Tim & Eric gave us advice on biking technique, fed us well and hauled our gear around the rim as we biked. Despite the rain, sleet and wind (yes, we had it all), they kept a positive attitude at all times. Escape Adventures will be me first choice for future adventures.”
– Deb

“This was the best multi-day bike tour I’ve ever taken. It was my first experience with off road bike touring but it definitely won’t be my last. The trip spanned 4 days riding 100 miles on the White Rim trail in Canyonlands N.P. The scenery was stunning. The riding was challenging but very rewarding. The guides (Tim and Eric) gave us just the right amount of support and made sure we saw all of the interesting bits on, and off, of the trail.

They also took care of all of the logistics details leaving us free to ride and enjoy the experience each day. The meals they prepared were outstanding – all the more so given the beautiful sites we camped at each night. I can’t praise this trip again. If you are thinking about doing an off road bike tour or would like to give one a try this is the one you should book.”
– John C.

Escape Adventures Bike Tour Camp

Grand Tetons Bike Tours | Escape Adventures

“Escape Adventures more than met our hopes and expectations. Definitely a five star operation! We had a phenomenal week enjoying the outdoors, biking to our heart’s content, and hanging out with our family, team members, and guides. So much fun! Merrick and Will were very attentive, making sure that we got enough to eat, knew where the bathrooms were at every stop, had water and snacks for the next ride, fixed any flat tires, saw the major sites in Yellowstone, and got enough exercise each day. The guides let us ride ahead or do additional rides whenever it was safe and appropriate. The guides were fabulous cooks and amazing athletes, not to mention their wonderful sense of humor. We are very grateful for our 6-day trip and will gladly recommend Escape Adventures to friends and family who like to bike. Thank you!!!”
– Jennifer Morris

Danny M.
5 star rating
10/18/2019 - TripAdvisor

Escape Adventures......Awesome Experience !!! We took a morning hike in Red Rock Canyon. The experience was positive from the moment our friendly and knowledgeable guide arrived at our hotel...exactly on time and as described. He generated conversation during the trip to the hike, between us and another couple who were taking a bike excursion, while efficiently addressing a few administrative needs.
Once we began the hike, our guide sized up exactly what we were hoping to get out of the hike.....and that’s exactly what was delivered. It was like going for a great hike with a friend.
The hike itself was extremely scenic and worth every second. We would highly recommend Escape Adventures !! We plan on hiking with them again during future visits.
Danny and Alison M

5 star rating
10/15/2019 - TripAdvisor

A different view of Vegas Glad you got to see the more scenic side of Vegas. Hope you'll come back and try one of our more challenging tours.

Mary S.
5 star rating
10/13/2019 - TripAdvisor

Hike in red rock Irving was a fantastic guide. He gave us options based on views and challenge. We picked the middle option of calico tanks. It had beautiful views - was moderately challenging just as Irving had described. He was very knowledgeable and personable

5 star rating
10/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great mountain biking tiur We did a great day of mountain biking with Scott. He took us on the Baddger pass, Red Valley, 3 miles smile, White Rhino, Upper tunnel, and then the Viagra. We had a blast doing all of the trails. Scott was a fantastic guide helping us up and down the trails, as well as providing us with the encouragement and support through the difficult parts. Highly recommend this half day tour for anyone who wants an active adventure during a trip to Vegas.

5 star rating
10/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Mountain biking Scott took us badger pass, red valley, 3 mile smile, descended white rhino, to upper tunnels, and climbed back up to the van. The bikes provided were amazing. Scott was an outstanding guide. He made sure we maximized our experience, gave us breaks as we needed it, let us go at a pace we were comfortable with. He ensured we remained safe. We were beginners and made the experience very comfortable.

5 star rating
10/07/2019 - TripAdvisor

Fall White Rim Trail Glad to hear that you enjoyed the White Rim. We hope that you will consider coming on another tour with us in the future.

5 star rating
10/06/2019 - TripAdvisor

White Rim Trail Troy and Katie consistently went above and beyond for us on our 4 day tour. Troy was an effortless leader who made the entire trip a seamless adventure. The food, scenery, bikes, gear and company were more than I could have asked for. Would definitely recommend this trip with these two very fun and experienced guides.

5 star rating
10/05/2019 - TripAdvisor

Do it! Fantastic trip. Irv was friendly and informative. Red Rock is beautiful and it’s great to get away from the strip for a few hours. Do it!

5 star rating
9/30/2019 - TripAdvisor

Red Rock Canyon hiking We had a great hike with Scott. He knows every inch of the park and obviously loves being there. I wish we had had more time because each hike he mentioned sounded great.

Scott is also just an interesting guy to talk to. He knows a ton about Las Vegas and also about the towns and nature around it. We would have enjoyed just talking with him even if there was no hike.

It is hard to believe that you can be minutes away from Las Vegas but also be in such a beautiful spot without a hint of the city in sight.

Brent T.
5 star rating
9/29/2019 - TripAdvisor

White Rim excursion The equipment, food and location were above and beyond my expectations. Troy and Katie took great care of us during and after the riding. Each meal was excellent. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who is reasonably fit, familiar with MTB riding and interested in a wild, remote, unforgettable experience.

5 star rating
9/29/2019 - TripAdvisor

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Will be booking again!!! My Dad found Escape Adventures after receiving their awesome catalog in the mail and decided he wanted to do a trip for his 67th birthday (yes, he’s a rockstar). My husband and I gladly joined the White Rim Trail mountain biking adventure in Canyonlands National Park, and we can’t stop talking about the trip. If you love exploring, adventure sports, camping in beautiful places, fantastic food, and meeting COOL, like-minded people.... it doesn’t get any better than this. A few elements that made our trip unforgettable:

Overall coordination - Escape takes care of EVERYTHING! Top of the line gear, camping kits, permitting, distance planning, booking the BEST campsites, food (more on that below) and water. We felt it was the perfect combination of no-frills adventure travel with all the essentials covered. Water is always available. Our guides were knowledgeable but allowed us to ‘choose our own adventure’ - If we wanted/needed more details about the upcoming hill, distance, route they were happy to provide, but if you just want to get out there and put your miles in, they were perfectly happy to provide less direction. We each had a tent, cot, sleeping bag, pad, and pillow and the gear was super easy to set up and take down... it was actually quite cathartic to create your space at the end of a long day.

Guides - I can’t say enough great things. Our guides (shout out to Troy and Kathi) were unbelievably knowledgeable and set a really awesome vibe for the whole trip. Calm in every situation, lighthearted, and super willing to give pro MTB tips when asked. I spend most of my time in the saddle on a road bike but had a BLAST despite being pretty novice because Kathi and Troy made me feel really comfortable. Hard to believe, but I have a feeling the other Escape Adventure guides are just as wonderful.

FOOD- folks, I consider myself a pretty solid camp chef and have a decent foundation of skills in the kitchen, but this was next level. Every meal was thoughtfully planned to be delicious, nourishing, and healthy with just the right amount of indulgence, which is hard earned after 20-30 miles on the bike. I’m a vegetarian and I was concerned about being that pain in the ass guest, but Troy called me ahead of time to ask a few questions and again, made me feel super comfortable. I’m still dreaming of a few meals (like pasta with creamy butternut squash, parmesan and arugula) and everything tastes especially outside under the sky after a day of hard exercise.

I suppose this isn’t everyone’s definition of ‘vacation’ but if you plan your time around adventure sports and gorgeous outdoor places, check out Escape Adventures. We plan on making this an annual trip.

DHMT M. Avatar
9/25/2019 - Google

Great staff, tech took the time to look at my bike. Make some adjustments on the spot. Bought some bar tape and the install was the cleanest I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for everything

5 star rating
9/23/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great visit Tour was awesome and the guides were great and knowledgeable!!! Picked up on time, had an option to choose a hike in the beginning. More

5 star rating
9/22/2019 - TripAdvisor

Mountainbike close to redrock had this tour 2years in a row now while staying in Vegas. This year i brought a couple of friends with me and what a great set out tourguides Irwin and Scott are.
they put us to some challanging stuff but also with alot of fun , still safety with highest priority. can only recommend it with all of my heart. Longing for next time allready

Lesa M.
5 star rating
9/21/2019 - TripAdvisor

Road Bike Tour in Bryce and Zion Guides Will and Ike were terrific - hospitable, fun, resourceful, organized, conversational and well acquainted with the route. Most of the scenery was breathtaking... everything I imagined it would be, and more! Do a tour with EA and enjoy the experience!

Kristin S.
5 star rating
9/21/2019 - TripAdvisor

Zion and Bryce Canyon road biking tour Awesome tour! First time road biking this amount of mileage and loved every minute! We were all able to stay at our own pace while still feeling like we belonged in the group. Ike and Will are outstanding guides. Their love for biking and the outdoors is contagious. The food exceeded my expectations. These boys know how to cook! Camping locations and gear were all great too. We even had a run in with D Jesus, the actor from the movie. Definitely recommend this scenic trip and hope to plan another tour with escape adventures soon!

Ron Y. Avatar
Ron Y.
9/20/2019 - Facebook

Just completed the Bryce/Zion road bike tour this afternoon. Cannot say enough good things about the trip and especially our guides Ike and Will. The mileage each day was very manageable and the others in the group were super friendly and easy going. Very important for making a pleasant vacation. The stops for meals and for camping for the nights were thoughtful and organized, not to mention beautiful sites. Camping equipment I rented was top notch. The guides were bike enthusiasts and great cooks and that made for a great combination. I would highly recommend both of these guys again. They were helpful, supportive and genuinely loved their jobs.

5 star rating
9/20/2019 - TripAdvisor

Bryce & Zion Road Bike tour with First Class camping Just completed the Bryce/Zion road bike tour this afternoon. Cannot say enough good things about the trip and especially our guides Ike and Will. The mileage each day was very manageable and the others in the group were super friendly and easy going. Very important for making a pleasant vacation. The stops for meals and for camping for the nights were thoughtful and organized, not to mention beautiful sites. Camping equipment I rented was top notch. The guides were bike enthusiasts and great cooks and that made for a great combination. I would highly recommend both of these guys again. They were helpful, supportive and genuinely loved their jobs.

Scott H.
5 star rating
9/17/2019 - TripAdvisor

E-bike tour Eric, was very helpful, we are experienced road bike riders. Have never been on an E bike prior to this trip. May have to purchase a few.

Justin M.
5 star rating
9/15/2019 - TripAdvisor

Best of Moab Tour MTB Great trip with our outstanding guides Will and Kathi. They were excellent riders who adhered the our group of mountain bikers. We were able to do two challenging rides per day, and we ate great at every meal. Our group had some shredders and some riders who were less experienced, and the tour worked great for all of us!