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Grand Teton Mountain Bike Tour

A sharp rise and jagged horizon set the Grand Tetons apart from the rest of the Rocky Mountains. Just forty miles long and ten miles wide, this relatively small section of the Rockies is also the youngest. Unlike other ranges in the Rockies, the Tetons have not been around long enough to have acquired the foothills and softer lines caused by centuries of erosion. The Grand Teton National Park and National Forest protect this unique geographical feature, which rises to 13,770 feet, and the wildlife, ecology, and recreation opportunities it harbors-such as mountain biking!

Our mountain bike tour encompasses three distinct regions around Jackson Hole. On the valley floor, in the "hole" surrounded by mountains, we ride the rolling prairie trails of Antelope Flats. To the east, we loop around through the Red Hills area. From here, we can see the ridgeline of our next ride directly across the valley, high in the Teton Mountains. From Monument Ridge trail, we have great views of the Gros Ventre and Wind River mountain ranges. We also bike past some of the tributaries of the Snake River, where in the valley below, we'll spend a morning rafting its rapids. Then we turn to the Flagstaff and Blackrock areas to complete our quest for the best of the Grand Tetons.

Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service.

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Location: Wyoming
Season: Summer
Duration/Mileage: 5 Days, 125 miles
Accommodations: Camping
Fitness / Tech Ratings: 7 / 7
Departure: Fly or drive to Jackson Hole, WY




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Grand Teton 2017 Dates

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Grand Teton Singletrack
Wyoming, 5 Days
Camping: $1390
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