Family Getaways and Adventures

The only thing we love to see more than families hanging out together, is seeing families hanging outside together.

“As a family, we have traveled together on many great trips to destinations around the world and we all agree that the Escape Adventures Tour to The Maze qualifies as one of our best ever. Five stars all the way…thanks to the Escape Adventures team and especially to Dan and Troy!”
– Frances and Mark

Mom and dad, you deserve a vacation.

The family is the heart and soul of Escape Adventures. Most of our employees all have families and those who don’t, become part of the Escape Adventures family! We understand kids, teenagers, and young adults alike.

What better way to spend time with your loved ones than to join one of our Family Getaways. Family Getaways are tours appropriate for families and cater to different abilities and varied skill levels. These tours are scheduled year-round in appropriate locations at the most ideal time of year. Our Introductory (Intro) Tours are another great option for families with kids. These tours are designed with special attention to each daily activity taking in to consideration skill levels, youthful adrenaline, and foods served.

Simply choose any tour on our schedule that says “Family Getaways.”

“Nikki and Erik really went above and beyond in my opinion because of the way they treated my kids. Kids sometimes need a little extra care and attention.  Nikki and Erik gave my kids confidence, support and attention when they needed it.”

– Brad P

We keep the pricing simple too. It goes like this:

Kids 13 and under are 30% off trip price.
Kids 14-18 are 20% off trip price.

Lodging for kids 13 and under is priced for two children, and two parents per room. If additional room is requested, the cost of that room at the rack rate will be applied to your trip cost.
Lodging for kids 14-18 fall under our standard double occupancy with no restrictions.
All minors (under 18 years) must be accompanied by at least one adult.

When reserving a trip on-line, the savings for children will not be displayed. We will apply savings on the back end.

Popular Family Getaways