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THE MAZE Overview

UTAH – The Maze Mountain Bike Tour
Spring and Fall

Departure: Moab, Utah

Length/Stay:  5 days, First-Class Camping

Fitness Level: 2-3

Technical Level: 2-3

Day 1-2: Meet in Moab. Shuttle to Hans Flat. Ride Flint Trail to Maze Overlook. Hike through entire Maze. Meet truck on other side.

Day 3-4: Ride to Dolls House, hike to Colorado River. Ride Land of Standing Rocks to Glen Canyon Cowboy Camp.

Day 5: Ride to Lake Powell. Picked up by charter plane, fly back over The Maze back to Moab.

Special Departures: Family Getaways, 6-Day Private Trip Option

“The Canyonlands provided a spectacular backdrop for our adventure in the Maze.  And at the end of each day, Eric and Dan cooked up delicious, healthy meals that were sure to re-energize us for the next day. Working hard/playing hard during the day, wonderful meals and sleeping under the stars,….. does it get any better?” robynfitzg

If you choose to venture into the furthest, most remote area in The Lower 48: do it right, see it all. With us.

Tucked away into the most remote section of wonderfully secluded Canyonlands National Park, The Maze is one of the biggest and best of the last: a rarely traveled, wholly inaccessible wilderness. Among the wildest, least trammeled landscapes of size in the continental United States. The Maze’s hypnotic labyrinth, a geologic fusion of cliffs, meandering canyons, and inspiring buttes provide unparalleled riding, folded into a truly unforgettable adventure.

Our journey into this lost land of canyon and High Desert begins with a descent down the historic Flint Trail. The curve of the canyons delivers us in equally fast and spectacular fashion to the Maze Overlook. There, breathtaking beauty beckons us further along our fantastic, self-propelled voyage.

A challenging hike through the heart of The Maze brings us to “The Harvest Scene”: a nearly life-sized series of pictographs. Etched into the narrow sandstone walls, their origin traces back from two to 4,000-years. The next 72-hours begin at a heady 7700-ft., dropping down to 3700-ft, and ultimately a sublime landing on the shores of Lake Powell. We traverse amongst Peregrine falcon aerie and Bighorn sheep habitat in the spectacular Doll’s House section, then through the Land of the Standing Rocks.

Bear in mind, access to this outback is severely limited. To hike in and out would easily consume a full two days. But as the only outfitter in the world to offer such an inclusive tour of the Maze, our rugged expedition vehicle is engineered to meet the demands of this area’s extreme terrain. After reaching Lake Powell, a chartered tour plane will ferry our group out of the Maze. Our flight-path takes us back over the course we just conquered on bike and foot, providing once-in-a-lifetime views and aerial photo opportunities.

From incomparable cultural legacies, to moderately challenging cycling terrain, the Maze is rated “E” for everyone. Due to Canyonlands National Park’s use and access guidelines, plus the very nature of the environment here, this trip is limited to seven guests.

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