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Escape expands into Florida and creates opportunities for local cyclists

Hopping on your bike can be an invigorating way to see parts of Florida, engaging your legs while being easy on your joints. But Florida is a state with a terrible reputation for keeping cyclists safe. A good compromise can be finding a scenic bike ride away from traffic. Studies have shown that a bike ride, versus a tour in the c...
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Happy New Year!

2016 was another AMAZING year exploring the backcountry with my family and friends, and of course, meeting up with my tour guides. The following video was an accumulation of what I remember as the most amazing parts of the year. I do not film for profit but rather to create memories in life that can be reflected back upon again and again. Many of t...
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Make it a weekend Escape!

Make it a weekend Escape!
#Escapethenorm No matter where you work or what you do, everyone looks forward to three-day weekends. Three day weekends are often spent with family and friends, or going out and exploring places that take a little more time and effort. Oh ya, and you get to relax from daily #worklife. Imagine if you could have a three-day weekend every week. Acco...
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That bike is “too much bike for me.”

That bike is “too much bike for me.”
Guest blog by Brittany Phelps of the Diva Feed (http://www.thedivafeed.com/blog/itsnevertoomuch)That bike is "too much for me." What does that even mean? I have worked in the bike industry since 2009 and I have heard this phrase too many times. Mostly from women. Similarly, I have also heard, "I don't want a bike that makes me go faster." Uh, whaaa...
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Trail Etiquette: People over Principles and Training

Trail Etiquette: People over Principles and Training
The topic of multiple types of users on trails is always a controversial topic. On a recent trip across the county I brought my mountain bike in hopes of riding my way from Moab, Utah across the South East up to New England. I came across a trail system in Tennessee, about 30 miles outside of Nashville. This trail network was really 'progressive' b...
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Specializing in western North America, Escape Adventures is a leader in first-class eco-friendly cycling and multi-sport adventure. In 2006, we became the world's first carbon neutral outfitter, bringing sustainable adventure to all the places we visit, from Alaska to Belize and beyond. By simply joining a tour with us, outdoor enthusiasts are now helping to preserve the beautiful backcountry areas they enjoy.

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